Behind Our Fine Jewelry

Since its beginnings, MILLNER has stood for the fusion of fine jewellery and its scope, the love of accessible luxury.

Bringing to life each of our designs in which simplicity, sumptuousness and elegance stands out. We carefully study every detail and strive every day to achieve the finest quality.
Expert gem cutters in Jaipur, master craftsmen of freshwater pearl farming in Hong Kong and our local design and production team in Barcelona bring their art and expertise to make each piece unique and exclusive.

Jaipur, India

Known as the largest gemstone production and trading centre in the country, our partner in Jaipur is considered one of the leading innovators in terms of production techniques. With their stone sourcing team, they have a strong supply chain of high quality gemstones characterised by their pure colours, deep hues and saturation. The precision of their cutting maximises the colour of each stone and minimises its inclusions providing perfect symmetry.

Arezzo, Italy

Our gold chains are treated and handcrafted by our talented Italian partners based in Arezzo.
The union of the teams of professional designers and technicians makes the manufacturing of these pieces as critical as possible in order to obtain a perfect and precise result to the entrusted needs.
Our close connection allows us a better collaboration and enables us to offer a better quality product with minimum delivery times.

Barcelona, Spain

At MILLNER, for years, we have placed great importance on producing each of our pieces locally. Approximately 70% of our jewellery is made in Barcelona in workshops very close to our headquarters, where we also bathe the pieces in 18k Gold Vermeil gold. Our team of designers, inspired by our customers, use their experience and passion to make each piece of jewellery unique and exclusive. Creating exceptional designs that set us apart from the rest.

Millner's values

In keeping with MILLNER's values, we work closely with suppliers, production partners and jewellers around the world who are committed to respect for human rights, health and safety, exceptional craftsmanship, fairly sourced high quality materials and sustainable environmental impact.